Oily Skin

One of the hardest skin types to understand, oily skin care is also a science as there are different degrees of oilyness. Oily skin tends to look a little 'dirty' and also is more prone to picking up grime and dirt from the atmosphere. This can in turn clog your pores and produce unsightly blemishes and pimples adding to your oliy skin. With oily skin care, it is essential that you learn the proper way to cleanse your skin.

You must always cleanse the surface film which is the oil and dirt that literally sits on your face. You can do this with a special cleansing lotion that is specifically made for oily skin. This in turn helps free the pores from the accumulated grease that may cause acne. After cleansing you should use beauty products for oily skin types such as moisturizer. Although it sounds as if it would make your oily skin type oilier, it in fact does the opposite. It acts as a barrier between the skin and the harmful dirt that accumulates on your skin.