Mediterranean Skin

The Mediterranean skin type is one of the most beautiful skin types in the world. Prevalent in Southern Europe, parts of Eastern Europe, parts of North America as well as in the Middle East, the Mediterranean skin type is stunning to look at. It is a darker colour, almost olive in pigment, and it is actually one of the most healthy skin types there is. This is because this quick tanning skin has an automatic SPF sun protection which in turn lowers the risk of skin cancer.

Mediterranean skin types also have other advantages such as the fact that they can wear almost any type of cosmetics and beauty products on their face and look stunning. Women with this olive based skin type can wear such a variety of colours on their face. This includes darker eye makeup, redder lipsticks and pink blushes that most women simply can't wear. Women with Mediterranean skin types also don't have to wear the darker foundations that lighter coloured women would have to wear. A light foundation is all they really need to even out the skin tone.