Skin type

Just as people are different, so is skin type! There's actually five basic types of skin that can all use skin care products of some sort. They include, normal skin, dry skin, oily skin, combination skin and sensitive skin.

Many people get very confused about their skin type and what skin care products to use. However, first knowing what type of skin type you are is essential to choosing the right type of product.

Women tend to have dry skin as opposed to men who naturally have thicker and tougher skin which is more oily than not. Every skin type has certain products that conform to the skin and take care of the hard to get rid of problems from dry skin to acne.

The one important factor is that all skin needs constant protection from the sun, cosmetics that clog the pores, and from over washing. This is why skincare products are so important because they can shield the skin from anything such as aging lines to flaky skin. No matter what type you have, you are sure to find a skin care product line that lends itself to keeping your skin young looking, vibrant and free from problems.