Developed and researched by the International Dermal Institute, Dermalogica skin care products is a professional skin care system that is lets people know that good skin care is not about luxury, it is about practicality. It is this company's belief that consumers want results rather than just the nice packaging.

Dermalogica skin care products originate from 1986 when they decided that there just weren't enough reputable products on the market that consumers can be happy with. Dermalogica is a company that believes the consumers come first and what they want is what they are going to get.

What is unique about Dermalogica is that they refuse to use synthetic fragrances, artificial colours, mineral oils, alcohol or lanolin as many of the other skin care company's use. Although it could have saved them money, they decided to go with the natural products that would produce results rather than making the consumer feel as if they spent money on a useless product.

All of the Dermalogica skin care professionals are expertly trained so that no matter what expert a consumer consulted with, they would always get the same answers. Simply put, Dermalogica has a commitment to professional skin care with emphasis on skin care dedication that brings people the results they are looking for.